Constructability Reviews

Virtual project construction in BIM facilitates independent review of construction plan, identifying drawing discrepancies and constructability issues during preconstruction stage. Our BIM team generates a series of RFI’s to identify constructability and operational issues related to missing information or documents, input inconsistencies, conflicting data, operation clearance and accessibility issues, feasibility of support systems and no fly-zones.

BIM model is updated based on RFI response. Status of all RFIs is maintained in a log and follow-up is done to resolve them. This helps to resolve issues during the preconstruction stage, eliminates work stoppage and rework during construction and minimizes delays, errors and cost overrun before the beginning of actual construction. Moreover, this ensures delivery of quality construction documentation.

We perform constructability review and clash detection analysis through project review software like ‘Autodesk Design Review’ & ‘Autodesk Navisworks’. The software applications help us identify constructability and conflicts and fix them efficiently. Our 3D BIM model prepares efficient and accurate construction plan and equipment fabrication and thus helps us make effective evaluation, detection and reporting of interference clashes. Avail our constructability review service and get rid of the risk of human error in model inspection.

Types of constructability & operational issues identified by our team:

  • Missing Information/Documents
  • Input Inconsistencies
  • Conflicting Data
  • Operation Clearance & Accessibility Issues
  • Maintenance Access
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