BIM Execution Plan

The importance of implementing the right technology with a view to future needs is critical. Pinnacle transforms current business processes with the use of latest software applications. We review the current processes and ensure that we can define, train and implement BIM technology for improving overall processes.

Our BIM execution planning involves the following processes:

  • Getting the Right Software Package for better functionality – We choose the right software program for BIM implementation by testing various software packages.
  • Ensuring an Expert in the Lead Position – After sourcing the right software package, we select the right project managers for your organization and impart special BIM training program to them.
  • Creating a Well-Defined Plan for BIM execution – We incorporate BIM in the existing system of a firm by planning the transition properly.
  • Establishing In-House Standards and Policies – Interoperability and standardization are the biggest challenges with BIM. In order to prevent such issues from affecting an organization we establish in-house standards and policies for governing the way of BIM operation.

BIM Optimizing Market Opportunities

AEC segment for commercial construction is passing through a paradigm shift. New opportunities are being enabled for fleet footed organizations who are capitalizing on implementing technology to leap frog the competition. Technology is opening up vast segments which are enabling backward and forward integration of work as never before. Technology is enabling AEC segment to grant new markets by taking advantage of opportunities. BIM had enabled enormous force, which is changing the landscape for AEC at a speed never before. Organizations are growing at tremendous speed using Building Information technology.

Pinnacle Infotech has been able to understand and grow at a speed using BIM, implementing technology and optimizing BIM offering to organization. With the experience, Pinnacle Infotech is moving forward enabling AEC industry to embrace latest BIM technology. We are engaging in meeting regularly with Senior to High level management and educating them on how BIM can dramatically alter the opportunities and growth path for organizations.

BIM Research & Development

Growth of an organization is meaningfully driven by internal research and development team. The R&D department at Pinnacle is led by highly experienced personal with deep insight into technology, construction industry and real time project delivery. The team is able to review the latest technology available and suggest the best methods to be adopted. The team members conduct surveys on a regular basis which becomes the benchmark for establishing BIM protocol.

The importance of investing significantly in the R&D division is also important to provide quality guidance to clients, who are seeking solutions to myriad issues which are highly sensitive to the current execution processes. Pinnacle Infotech R&D team would ensure coming up with the best possible solution by leveraging existing knowledge.

Internal development activities in terms of creating work methodology, Applications & Training modules are a significant investment which Pinnacle Infotech has been doing for a significant time period. Researchers who are qualified enough to understand the AEC industry does a lot of travelling to understand future trends, which can considerably change the BIM industry. With Autodesk leading the BIM industry staying on top of all new development and product introduction into the market, our researchers choose the most optimum solutions.

BIM Model Authoring

It is significant to understand the right use of product technology pertaining to BIM projects. Besides, it is important to find out the right method of making the most of the technology from the stakeholders through to supply chain. Our experienced BIM Consultants at Pinnacle offer a range of BIM Model Authoring, analysis, model aggregation, engineering data as well as content management solution in Revit and training.

Pinnacle develops a BIM Road map aimed at industry specific role within construction & built environment. The team is completely dedicated to create, visualize and manage drawings and engineering data created by customers in all lines of business. Our range of asset information management, engineering drawings and BIM software tools are industry leading. We specialize in making tools work together seamlessly for your need. We provide, implement and train uses in Revit, CAD and other tools to furnish completely customized solution. Contact us to know more about the model authoring delivered in your country.

BIM Data Validation

Ensure data is fitted to serve your purpose most effectively with Pinnacle Infotech. Our data validation tools check and repair data efficiently from multiple data sources, including spatial applications, automatically. We feel confident that your data will work properly in destination system.

Pinnacle ensures that your data is:

  • Correct without any inconsistency or error
  • Complete with no missing entry for fields where value is essential
  • Compliant meeting specifications of data model standards

Whatever may be the spatial data you are working with for project – Pinnacle Infotech’s data validation tools can be configured to determine issues preventing from working properly in the application. BIM data are validated against set rules for checking errors including 3D features.

BIM Clash Detection & Coordination

Our clash detection service checks interference by searching intersecting volumes. Automated electronic clash detection, conflict resolution as well as architectural, mechanical and electrical trade coordination are utilized in design process for letting general contractors and construction firms to issue RFIs & change orders before actual construction. The clash detection in BIM resolves issues before construction. We combine clashes from multiple models in varying formats from diverse sources in common environment. Consult us for complete clash detection and resolution.

Benefits of opting for Clash Coordination from Pinnacle include:

  • Synchronized design, construction planning & procurement
  • Cost reduction, tracking construction activities, detecting & reducing errors
  • Reacting quickly to design & site problems
  • Communicating virtual schedule & time line
  • Using models for fabrication
  • Site labor reduction
  • Improved design quality

BIM Documentation

Construction documentation is essential for communicating design intentions and specifications to stakeholders. BIM technology is utilized for producing 3-D structural representation which can be applied for design decision making as well as production of high-quality construction document. BIM helps professionals to design building with accurate quantities and fewer errors (less addendums, Revised Orders & RFIs). As a result of which, the construction of building gets completed on schedule and within budget.

Pinnacle Infotech offers high precision and coordinated construction documentation. Whether its CD set creation, IFC drawing, GFC drawing or other Shop Drawing with annotations and dimensions, Pinnacle generates accurate drawings of all from the model. All plans, elevations, sections and details get synced with each other and are perfectly linked to BIM Model. We produce data drops at the beginning of projects through the stages of design, construction and operation. Our team members set up models for COBie and extract data from existing consultant models. We provide information model validation for COBie exchange, audit prevailing information model for COBie exchange suitability and facilitate COBie data drop for post occupancy operations.

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