3D Modeling & Visualization for General Contractors

The virtual construction of 3D BIM models uses a range of inputs including contract documents, specification sheets, design documents and hand sketches. Our team generates the final model and validates it with the latest construction documents, bulletins and RFI responses.

Pinnacle conducts Constructability audit to resolve all issues for seamless construction and future maintenance. 3D modeling allows our contractors to review design elements with respect to other building systems & services on a project.

Moreover, BIM & 3D Visualization allow all project participants to effectively share design and identify errors and inconsistencies in the early stages of construction.


Benefits of Pinnacle’s 3D Modeling:

Coordination – We streamline coordination with 3D Visualization among all stakeholders for quick decision making during design & preconstruction phase. Our drawing conversions from 2D to 3D BIM using AutoCAD and Revit tools are helping contractors to smoothly execute construction projects.

Bidding & Sales – Our 3D photo-realistic visualization enables potential investors, buyers and owners to understand the layout & spatial interrelationships of a project. We eliminate communication uncertainties through 3D BIM and save business time and money that was earlier wasted through reworking on design

Bidirectional Associativity – We ensure minimal changes to any part of the building at the pre-construction and planning stage. We resize all annotations & graphics correctly to ensure annotation decisions like changed sheet scale.

Efficiency – We eliminate 2D drawings by generating CD sets from accurate & coordinated BIM Models. BIM helps us save time by allowing easy & accurate modeling of complex elements and irregular shapes and ensures that all 2D drawings are accurate and updated as per the current model.

Quality – We ensure that all data, graphics, schedules, drawings, sheets and other details in the CD set are current & coordinated.

Conceptual Cost Estimate – We extract Quantity Take offs from the model and link them with the prevalent rate of materials, labor & construction techniques to enable stakeholders prepare cost estimates.

Integrated Building Materials – Our real-world materials drive detailed plan, section and elevation representations of building components to save documentation time. The integrated Accurender, Raytracing & Radiosity engine use the same materials and save time & effort to produce visualizations.