BIM Execution Plan

The importance of implementing the right technology with a view to future needs is critical. Pinnacle transforms current business processes with the use of latest software applications. We review the current processes and ensure that we can define, train and implement BIM technology for improving overall processes.

Our BIM execution planning involves the following processes:

  • Getting the Right Software Package for better functionality – We choose the right software program for BIM implementation by testing various software packages.
  • Ensuring an Expert in the Lead Position – After sourcing the right software package, we select the right project managers for your organization and impart special BIM training program to them.
  • Creating a Well-Defined Plan for BIM execution – We incorporate BIM in the existing system of a firm by planning the transition properly.
  • Establishing In-House Standards and Policies – Interoperability and standardization are the biggest challenges with BIM. In order to prevent such issues from affecting an organization we establish in-house standards and policies for governing the way of BIM operation.