Towers, Antenna Dishes

Telecom Towers epitomize the “Hercules of Communication”! Choosing a site and ensuring that the towers are established ‘impeccably’ is of prime importance. The telecom towers are useful for various purposes like Mobile communication, Internetworking, Navigation and many others. Consequently, Telecom Services require extensive conversions of drawings to CAD format for ensuring prime quality. Pinnacle is the right solution in this regard. It offers quality services in Mobile Tower Drafting Space and caters the leading mobile tower installation companies.

We work with several wireless telecom firms to complete their drawings. Our drafted layouts are 99.9% precise and cost-effective. We provide roof details, elevation details, antenna and dishes drawing layouts for buildings so that the mobile tower installation can be done accurately with optimum use. Our redrafted layout benefits our customer’s financial plan. Using the latest CAD systems, our engineers redraft plot layouts, distribute clear construction drawings and accurately document work at every stage of the project.

Our Telecom CAD and drafting service offerings:

  • Full rooftop design drawings
  • Preliminary design drawings (including photo simulations)
  • Permit drawings
  • Antenna Mount drawings
  • Structural Design drawings
  • Modification and fabrication drawings