Solar Study

Identifying as well as bench-marking energy use across buildings has become an important consideration for the architects while designing. This identifies opportunities for energy efficiency that in turn aids cost savings and improved building performance. With Revit’s advance features of Solar Study & Thermal Analysis, Pinnacle’s team can do wonders in this segment.

Understanding sun’s position and how it changes with respect to the building being designed over the course of a day or through different seasons in a year enable the architects to visualize shadows and assess building’s performance in terms of natural light and heating requirements. Pinnacle helps architects do this by means of Solar Study tool in Revit.

Autodesk Revit Architecture enables us to simulate sun path for better understanding the impact of the sun in relation to the project and its surrounding context. It is a visual representation of the sun’s movement across the sky at geographic project location. This also provides a greater understanding of shading and overshadowing issues with interactive control of the sun’s position.

Solar Study BIM Benefits

  • Addressing specific solar site questions
  • Knowing exact position of sun pertaining to modeled project on a specific time & day
  • Revit solar study helps to see the light reaching the living spaces
  • Natural light can be balanced as per specific client requirement
  • Sunshades help to manage solar gain in summer time, without blocking light in winter
  • Analyzes size of overhangs & sunshades for optimal performance throughout the year