As-Built Drawings

Original design drawings are revised to form as-built drawings that reflect changes in various fields. Design changes are brought about by change in order, component relocations for coordination, distribution systems rerouting and several other reasons. As-built drawings are often required during remodeling projects or for changes in leased space, historic preservation, emergency planning, asset management and various other purposes. Pinnacle creates CAD As-built drawings for residential and commercial projects. We have more than 15 years of experience in a wide array of Construction & Renovation projects and customize all drafting drawings to meet our client specifications. We provide floor plans, surveys, evacuation plans and a host of other as-built services, depending upon the owner’s needs.

How our CAD As-Built Drawings Help Building Owners?

As-built drawings are a crucial and vital component of building data.  Our CAD As-built drawings reflect all changes clearly to the original plans.  Sometimes these changes are made in the field during original construction period as the work scope gets changed. Changes in construction process are the result of necessary design modifications, varying site conditions, material availability, contractor’s request, value engineering and third party impact. Besides, executing the changes in the field, the changes need to be documented for showing the actual construction. Hence, the owners need a final record for showing all changes modifying the tangible portions of finished work. The record is made on contract document and the end product of this effort is called As Built Drawing.