Revit Families

If components are over designed they can slow down your PC performance, project performance and project productivity. Conversely, if they are under designed they don’t provide the functions you need. Pinnacle helps you find the right balance between practicality and functionality and is ready to deliver a range of high quality Revit components for a fraction of modeling price.

We provide a high quality modeling and ensure that your Revit components are built intelligently with the practicality to serve the purpose. Our parametric families contain real world product information or performance models, necessary for running calculation analysis and simulations. The software includes a large library of objects that can be modified in a number of ways. Revit uses parametric to control objects through formulas and input and evaluates our client’s products competently before modeling.

Revit enables our architects and designers to communicate design objective and analyze the building performance and cost beforehand. It helps our architects to easily capture and evaluate designs and accurately maintain coordinated data through documentation and construction process. Since, Revit Families are made in advance and are precision engineered reusable objects, assembled with related parameters and graphical representations, they can be easily organized into the same group. They help our clients to search for custom or manufacturer specific content. We are able to meet our customer need by adopting Revit platform. Revit families not only contain physical product representations but also include specific identity and engineering data, crucial to project.

Groups of People benefitting from Revit Content: Since Revit is the building block of BIM Model, a number of people within the BIM lifecycle are getting benefited from our Revit Content. This intelligent 3D representation of the virtual world incorporates the geometry and technical details of the product and empowers our Architects & Engineers, Builders &Contractors and Facility Managers & Owners

Architects & Engineers: Revit Content helps our Architects to deliver best performance by making virtual representation of building products. Starting from the Conceptual Design to Construction Documentation, our architects come to know about the individual product specifications of the building like the color, tolerance, cost, MEP details and other info and thus can make informed decisions. Our Engineers use the Revit Model containing a wide array of building product information and can easily analyze and interrogate within Revit and third party software.

Builders & Contractors: Builders and Contractors can access our Revit BIM Model & Construction Documentation and can easily arrange the individual building products to form the construction. Since the model contains all the relevant information, crucial information about technical specification, product manufacturer and product installation can be easily extracted from it.

Facility Managers & Building Owners: Revit Content also empowers the Facility Managers and the Building Owners by offering an exact virtual representation of the building, once the construction gets over. The building owners and the facility managers can integrate BIM Revit Model into their existing Facility Management software and can get reduced cost in operation, management and space planning.

Revit Families Components: Building Information Modeling is not just about making a 3D structure of a building. The model is just a cage without Revit. Insertion of Revit Family components gives a fresh lease of life to the cage. Revit Family includes myriads of things starting from the doors, windows, stairs and railings to components like, chairs, cabinets, drawers, clocks, desk and lots more. Proper placement of different Revit Family components makes a great impact on the entire look of the construction. In hospitals, Revit Family models become even more significant, where the modeling is mostly done in operation theaters

Components of Revit Families

  • Fixture & Furniture
  • Cabinet and Drawer
  • Chairs & Seats
  • Doors & Windows
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Mechanical Families
  • Mechanical Equipments
  • Stairs & Railing
  • Care Cart and Desk
  • Caseworks, Sheets & Watches
  • Interior Decoration Accessories
  • Pipe Fittings & Accessories
  • Electrical/Mechanical Fixtures
  • Structural Components (Column, Beam, etc)
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