Plumbing Design Engineering Services

We provide Plumbing Design Engineering Services for Design & Calculation of Pump Head, Pipe Sizing and Layout Generation, Drawings and Quantity Take Off for Pipes & Fittings. Drainage Design is also offered by our BIM experts.

Design & Calculation

  • Pump Head Calculation
    Pressure Drop Calculation
    Automatic Flow Calculation Based on Fixture Unit Values
  • Pipe Sizing and Layout Generation
    Water Supply
    Waste Vent
    Medical Gas
    Natural Gas
  • Drawings
    Riser / Schematic Drawing
    Detail, Section  Isometric Drawings
  • Quantity Take Off for Pipes & Fittings

Drainage Design

  • Assign required flow to plumbing fixtures
  • Pipe sizes selected as per system requirements using IPC
  • Designing Rainwater and Storm Drain Based on UPC/IPC Codes