MEP Design Validation

Pinnacle offers Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Design Validation Services. We validate the BIM model provided by the consultants with the latest construction documents, bulletins & RFI responses. We also conduct Constructability Audit to resolve all issues for seamless construction and future maintenance. Our team minimizes construction risk by reviewing complex details and procedures before going on site.

Electrical Design Validation

  • Checking Lighting Illuminations
  • DB Schedule Preparation
  • Trunking Calculations
  • Conduit Size Preparation
  • Load Balancing
  • Accumulative Voltage Drop Calculation
  • Cable Tray Size Preparation
  • Electrical Single Line Diagram Checking
  • Cable Tray Route Preparation
  • Lux Level Calculation
  • Automated report generation in graphical manner

Mechanical Design Validation

  • Load Calculation for HVAC
  • Pipe Sizing & Layout
  • Equipment Selection & Layout
  • Schedule for Equipment
  • Duct Design & Layout

Plumbing Design Validation

  • Pipe Sizing & Layout
  • Domestic Hot/Cold Water System Layout
  • Drainage System Layouts
  • Pump Head Calculation
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