MEP BIM Services

Our MEP BIM Services include 3D Model Creation, Constructability Review, Clash Coordination and Construction Document Set Preparation.

3D Modeling – The detailed design can be converted into 3D, corresponding roughly with LOD 300 Revit model. Analysis based on specific systems along with Constructability Review, Clash Coordination and Design Optimization can be performed and the model is leveraged for the generation of traditional Construction Documents and BOQ.

Constructability Review:

Virtual Construction of project in BIM enables Independent Review of the Construction Plans and Specifications. This identifies discrepancies in drawings and constructability issues at the design stage. During the constructability review, our BIM team generates a series of RFI’s to identify the following constructability and operational issues:

  • Missing information / documents
  • Input inconsistencies
  • Conflicting data
  • Operation Clearance & Accessibility Issues
  • Feasibility of support systems
  • No Fly-zones

BIM model is updated based on RFI response. Status of all RFIs is maintained in a log and follow-up is done to resolve them. This ensures delivery of quality construction documentation.

Clash Coordination & Optimization:

Our coordinated BIM models allow our clients to check possible interference among all building systems. The models help design firms to visualize the entire building system before construction, leading to better project planning. This eliminates rework during the construction phase, saving time and money. We resolve clashes among all trades including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, concrete and several other trades by sharing 3D clash Navisworks viewpoints or through WebEx meetings. We re-route utilities, change elevation and re-size elements for resolving clashes. Moreover, we provide Value Engineering for improving system efficiency, reducing costs and easier maintenance of construction. Coordinated models are used for making quantity takeoffs, estimation and location scheduling.

Construction Documents (CD Sets):

Construction documents are generated from the detailed BIM coordinated models. Our BIM Models represent the most comprehensive drawings, depicting each component with technical information.

  • All construction documents are cohesive and consistent in spite of changes
  • Any change in the DD (Design Document) drawings is updated in the model
  • Sections are generated seamlessly for any critical arrangement