Mechanical Shop Drawings & Fabrication Drawings

We create Detailed Mechanical Shop Drawings with dimensions, elevations and annotations. Our Shop/Installation Drawings sufficient for workshop fabrication and onsite installation are generated automatically from the model, as per the code and project standards applicable for construction. Our innovative BIM solution is highly useful for construction of irregular or complex structures and we generate accurate sleeves, penetration and hanger locations from BIM model before the beginning of construction work. All the drawings can be directly downloaded into GPS instruments for fast and accurate on-site layout. These drawings generated directly from coordinated BIM models are detailed enough for workshop fabrication & on-site construction. Advanced BIM tools help to make revision management.

A. Installation/Shop Drawings

We provide detailed Installation/ Shop Drawings for mechanical services that include HVAC, plumbing, piping, fire protection and med gases to help our contractors plan, execute and install mechanical work efficiently, thus saving time and costs. Our mechanical service layouts are with reference to the architectural walls and structural columns that help our contractors to easily locate the mechanical members.

B. Block-Out Drawings

We attach high priority to Block-Out Drawings because we understand the importance of providing such illustrations before pouring concrete on the site by the contractor. The Block-Out Drawings are provided after aligning with the architectural grids. Our experienced team keeps the necessary clearances for the block-out as per the contract documents and construction codes. The openings are accurately located by the dimension provided from the real grid lines.

C. Sleeve, Insert and Hanger Drawings

We offer high priority to Sleeve/Penetration drawings as they are highly important before concrete pouring and we provide drawings after aligning with architectural grids. Our team implements BIM-based approach for coordination reviews & interference checking with structural elements. We produce accurate Sleeve, Insert and Hanger positions from the model to help structural & civil construction teams before plumbing installation.

D. Spool Drawings

Our pipe spool drawings guide the plumbers to understand what they are encountering. The contractors create the plumbing segments from spool drawings generated from the model for accurate pre-fabrication off-site/on-site. We generate Segmented Spool Drawings as per the contractor’s pre-fabricating standards and preference.

E. Equipment Detailing & Pad Layout

We provide Mechanical Equipment Detailing (Sections and Isometric) and Equipment Pad Layouts referencing the architectural grids & structural drawings for proper installation of HVAC equipment from Approved Submittals in appropriate locations, coordinating accessibility.