3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Services


Pinnacle is the most preferred option for point cloud to BIM services. We capture detailed information about an element in its physical space and allow precise and accurate modeling, coordination and quantity take-off. We have executed several projects during renovation and extension stage for international clients. 3D scanning helps the different stages of construction like 3D model creation, visualization, animation, rendering and quality inspection. Our Point Cloud to BIM Service is required by major construction companies, builders, architects and contractors for preparing various models of Architectural, Structural and MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection) elements like exterior & interior walls, doors, windows, ceiling, curtain walls, floor, roof, major furniture & fixtures, structural column, wall, beam & slab, bracing, trusses, floor & roof framing, duct, pipes, cable tray, light fixture, electrical outlet and other equipment.

Benefits of BIM Point Cloud Services:

  • Accurate 3d model creation of individual trades for renovation and extension work from scan data, allowing more reliability and quality assurance
  • During renovation, construction scan to BIM Model provides a better platform for preparing further detail of design work
  • As Built Drawing Preparation from Point Cloud for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet for Architectural, Structural & MEP
  • Improve transparency and streamline communication with 3D visualization for quick decision making during renovation and extension phase
  • Eliminate RFI’s, work stoppage and rework by checking the accuracy and completeness of 3D Model from scan data
  • Save time and money as there is no need to visit site constantly

Deliverables from Point Cloud to BIM

  • 3D BIM Model Creation @ LOD 400 Level for Renovation & Extension – 3D Models are generated using BIM, based on point cloud scan data to improve transparency and streamline communication for quick decision making during As-Built Phase. High quality Revit models ensure that Revit components are built intelligently with the practicality to serve the purpose. The parametric families contain real world product information or performance models, necessary for running calculation analysis and simulations.
  • As Built Drawing Preparation for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet – As-Built Drawing Preparation from 3D BIM Model serves as a comprehensive reference tool facilitating future project planning including extension, renovation & redevelopment from point cloud data. Since all details pertaining to the building dimensions, erection, fabrication, elevation, materials, location, etc can be obtained from the As-Built Drawings, they can be used for resolving disputes about insurance claims.
  • Construction Scheduling using 4D BIM for renovation and extension work – Point Cloud or 3D laser survey helps the renovation work of old buildings to gain momentum and creates interest among architects. Project construction schedule/sequencing is linked to the BIM model from point cloud scanned data. A real time simulation of the construction sequence is shown in Navisworks Time Line or as an animation video format. During the entire duration of the project, the Planned vs. Actual construction schedule is compared and presented. When the project plan is established in visual simulation, users can visually associate model objects and scheduled tasks. Users can click on a building object in the 4D visual environment and can view its associated task highlighted in the Gantt Chart or vice versa.
  • Facility Management / COBie data for individual elements – Pinnacle facilitates project stakeholders to organize approved electronic submittals from point cloud scanned data during renovation and extension through facility management. Complete contact records of every project are managed including accurate data for essential fields. The BIM files, drawings and the PDFs are organized to be easily accessed through secure server directories. BIM engineers follow COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) process for managing facility assets. They change the format of existing deliverables from paper documents to an open international standard format, streamlining process for eliminating waste and enhancing profitability. Revit helps to export data, execute dynamic zone management and facilitate element selection by specifying family, types & exported elements. Parameter mapping is done and complete control is maintained over each data exported from Revit to spread sheet.

Point Cloud to BIM Work Process
Input Requirement for BIM Modeling & Drawing:

  • Scan Plan with Number
  • Scan Data (RCS) supporting Revit
  • Actual Snapshots of existing condition
  • As-Built Drawings
  • COBie data format for BIM
  • Element Tag for Modeling

Mismatches are often found in point cloud, where scan data are not sufficient. Hence, we need to prepare RFI.

Reasons for RFIs:

  • Discrepancy in two or more point clouds
  • Areas hidden by equipment /elements
  • Difficulty in measuring the diameter of Insulated duct /pipes
  • Inconsistency between point cloud and as-built drawing

Software Applications:

Supporting Software Applications for Point Cloud help to visualize and navigate the point cloud files properly. Moreover, by using these software platforms, files can be compressed and dimensions can be easily obtained for BIM model

  • True View
  • FLS Viewer
  • Revit-2014, 2015 & 2016
  • Autodesk Recap 360 Pro (Reviewing point cloud with Tag)
  • Scan To BIM (For Deviation)

Quality Checking

BIM Point Cloud Projects

Major Point Cloud to BIM projects executed by Pinnacle include Bag House Building, Pier Structure, Central Plant, Power Plant, Residential & Commercial Construction and Airport.

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