IT Infrastructure Planning

Our team has the expertise in controlling and guiding the current and future needs. We conduct an audit for an existing IT infrastructure and make a detailed discussion with suitable heads on future expansion and budgets in terms of hardware and software requirement. After reviewing, we provide a detailed recommendation to ensure that the future implementation can be smoothly executed. The review becomes more critical when multiple office locations across various continents are to be linked together. Our BIM implementation strategy ensures that adequate team members, technical groundwork, teaching and knowledge management are customized for each office location.

Benefits of choosing Pinnacle for IT Infrastructure Planning:

  • Increased clarity of project intent to stakeholders
  • Ensuring data fidelity & continuity across project life-cycle
  • Providing critical foundation for business agility

BIM Information Authoring

Authoring services for Architectural and Engineering industry. We split projects into discrete phases for provision of BIM Authoring services and also take projects as a whole.  Our team is adept in understanding the capacity and depth of the resource. We are proficient in various software platforms including Revit, Solidworks, Sketchup and 4D capacity. Our expertise includes 3D BIM Modelling, 3D Rendering, Revit Modeling, Building Architecture and more. BIM Information Authoring software helps us to offer the option to share information with other packages to allow analysis for technical services provided by project team. Our BIM authorizing software can be utilized for energy modeling, which ensures the performance of a building before its actual construction.

BIM Software Support and Maintenance

Do you wonder whether a different BIM approach would be efficient or not? Are you encountering problems as your BIM software is not working properly? Want to know more about specific BIM features? Submit support question online and we’ll start right away while you continue to work on building design.  Your questions will be automatically sent to the right consultant having proficiency in the desired sector. Hence, we can provide quick and efficient service and help you save cost without waiting.

Our BIM support team with years of expertise is always happy to help at your fingertips. We delve into the details and find out whether your BIM projects are running smoothly and BIM software applications are functioning properly. Our support will help you avoid unexpected costs & provide assistance with technical questions.

Benefits of BIM Support & Maintenance from Pinnacle Infotech

  • Effective facility maintenance based on thorough building inspection for discrepancy
  • Getting relevant building information from BIM Model developed from scratch for re-use
  • Analyzing major obstacles of BIM implementation & interoperability under IFC
  • BIM model representation in simple & fast way, helping users to add different models, documents, programs & notes



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