System Coordination and Clash Resolution

Our 3D BIM model demonstrates the actual spatial location for increased coordination and clash detection during the design phase and enables the design team to identify conflicts before the beginning of the construction work. Both the designers and building users can access facility information like model number, installation date and recent flow test, resulting from a single source by clicking on a backflow preventer.

The model is created from the contract as well as the design drawings provided by the clients. The technical submittals and the relevant codes are also considered in this regard. The model is finally coordinated with other services including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc. for clash resolution.

Key Benefits of Using BIM

  • Evaluation of Discipline Specific BIM Models
  • No presence of Physical Problems in the Field
  • Content Creation Supporting Full Range of Fire Protection in BIM
  • Identification of Potential Issues before Construction
  • Tying up Facility Management Model of the Owner
  • Helping Owners Understand the Locations of all Penetrations