Fire Protection Quantity Take-Off & Cost Estimate

BIM model generates accurate quantity of all materials, which gets automatically updated with changes in the BIM model. Quantity take-off service helps contractors to estimate project cost and make quantity measurement. We measure multiple components like undergrounds for fire mains and site fire hydrants, besides the building interior and specialty fire suppression systems.

While estimating underground site fire piping, we refer to the NFPA standards, if the construction documents don’t include fire pipe burial depths. We determine the accurate length, depth and width to calculate the excavated trench volumes, pipe bedding and backfill.

Piping measurement is calculated by measuring horizontal piping from floor plan, counting the drops, risers and stacks and multiplying them by footages derived from sections, elevations and cut sheets. We also make the piping measurement by calculating hanger quantities for horizontal pipes, riser clamps for vertical piping and including pipe markers, valve tags and equipment labels.