Fire Fighting Design Validation

Our engineering team builds intelligent BIM model to design fire sprinkler systems with greater efficiency. This gives a clear idea to modify the fire sprinkler design and reduce the risk of costly changes later. Different design options are simulated and analyzed to develop more efficient and cost-effective solutions. Some of these solutions include:

  • Layout generation, sprinkler head count and pipe schedule recommended by NFPA
  • Pump Head, Water Demand & Storage Tank Calculation
  • Sizing & Routing for Stand Pipe, Sprinkler & Water Mist Spray System
  • Evaluation of Gas Suppression & Foam System
  • Checking sprinkler coverage & providing it as per NFPA
  • Checking the obstructions to sprinkler spray pattern & providing adequate sprinklers below/near the obstructions as per NFPA
  • Providing flushing valve & auto air release valves as per NFPA code

1) System Coordination & Conflict Resolution – Our 3d model demonstrates the actual spatial location for increased coordination and clash detection during the design phase and enables the design team to identify conflicts before the beginning of the construction work. Both the designers and building users can access facility information like model number, installation date and recent flow test, resulting from a single source by clicking on a backflow preventer.

2) Fire Safety Drawings – Pinnacle engineers use fire safety drawings in 3d modeling with information like occupant loads, egress routing, fire resistance rated separations, etc. We create layout of fire sprinkler system like sprinkler heads, control valves, check valves, pressure gauges, inspectors test valve, calculation plate, hangers, mains and branch lines as per the fire safety drawings. Our BIM Shop Drawings for Fire Protection Contractors include Layout, Floor-Plan, Schematic, Schedules and Details.