Digital Pre-bid Estimation

Pinnacle’s Digital Pre-bid Estimation Services aid Mechanical contractors in winning bids through accurate estimates according to industry standards.

Many contractors are forced to pass on projects due to a lack of capacity limiting their ability to stabilize production. Our On-Screen Take Off Estimating service helps contractors manage high work volumes without getting overwhelmed.

We provide an opportunity for your estimators to focus on strategy, scheduling, and subcontractor/vendor quotes. Our experienced team of estimators will work with you to ensure an accurate and professional quantity take-off that is aligned with your company’s requirements.

Pinnacle uses leading industry software tools including Quotesoft and Autobid Trimble for generating accurate estimates quickly.

We deliver –

  • Accurate Length and size of ducts and pipes
  • Total number of fittings, accessories & equipment
  • Hanger Counts
  • Sleeve Counts
  • Quantity and cost of material
  • Labor cost (fabrication, installation & others)
  • Duct Liner/Duct Wrap
  • Material cost derived from a national commodity pricing service
  • Labor cost provided by latest MCA labor rates

Digital Pre-bid Estimating

Digital Pre-bid Estimating

Digital Pre-bid Estimating