Design Options

Pinnacle facilitates design process by using Design Options tool in Revit.  Every design option belongs to a design option set in Revit. Revit is a way of structuring the design options into clusters.  Structuring design options into cluster assists the architect’s workflow. A project may have

  • 3 design options for an exterior façade
  • 2 options for a bathroom configuration
  • 3 options for the reflected ceiling plan

Revit enables the architect to create several sets. Each set is for major explored options. Consequently, the project can have the following design option sets:

  • Exterior Facades
  • Bathrooms
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans

Moreover, in every sets, it is possible to include as many options as required. The design process is expedited with this methodology of creating and developing several alternatives in a single model. Once an option is accepted or finalized, the architect can delete all other options from the model.