CD/Permit Set Creation

BIM has revolutionized our process of creating construction drawings. Our CD/Permit Set Creation process allows us to develop a complete set of construction documents from the 3D BIM Model. We provide high class drawings using various CAD software applications

Our in-house Architects & Drafters are well versed with bye laws. They are well acquainted with standards of clients and produce 100% CD sets starting from the initial schematic stage:

3D Environment & Collaboration

3d modeling provides us an effective means of showing the design intent. We resolve design conflicts quickly by zooming into critical areas like

  • Façade
  • Joint Sections
  • Supporting Structures

Our BIM Modeling generates high-quality photo-realistic visualizations.

Automated 2D Floor Planning Tools

Floor planning is the pivotal component in every construction document set. Our BIM Modeling expedites floor planning and schedules through the use of smart building components and 3D symbols. This result in quick deliverables.

Parametric Change Management

All 2D Construction drawings get automatically updated. Update happens quickly as 3D BIM Models in the design stage ensures that all plans, elevations, sections and related drawings are current and correct.