Building Information Modeling for Mechanical Piping

Our specialization in 3D BIM helps to make coordinated 3D Piping Models, Shop Drawings, Room Layout and Sleeve Drawings for mechanical applications. We have grown to exceed the expectations of our clients and offer services from conceptual design to layout. Our Mechanical Room Modeling caters visualization and design in construction projects. We offer detailed mechanical piping models as per the approved submittal/cut-sheet for showing accurate equipment locations and piping system hook-ups. We generate exhaustive spool drawings for accurate manufacturing and procurement with Quantity Take-Off from this model.

  • Coordinated 3D Piping Models
  • Mechanical Room Layout Models
  • 3D Model of Equipment & Waterside Fittings & Accessories
  • Mechanical Piping Shop Drawings
  • Sleeve / Penetration Drawings
  • Spooling Layout/Fabrication