BIM Strategy Formulation

BIM Strategy helps in the development of AEC business. Pinnacle enables AEC industry to embrace latest BIM technology. Using our expertise and research, we provide training and advisory services to the organizations that are willing to adopt BIM processes within their projects or businesses. Our BIM strategy focuses on the tangible and intangible staff training requirements of organizations. We consider the following elements while formulating a BIM strategy:

  • Cost to Benefit Ratio of BIM Strategy Implementation
  • Acquisition & Incorporation of New Software within Existing Systems
  • Incorporation of BIM Principles into Existing Work Procedures

Cost to Benefit Ratio of BIM Strategy Implementation

We estimate the costs and benefits of implementing BIM carefully, considering both the short term and the long term expenses. Short term costs are associated with upgrading technology and staff training, whereas the long term costs are pertaining to the transition period in which an organization moves from the existing workflow to BIM implementation. Once the transition period is over, BIM becomes an asset for a construction firm, resulting in financial boosts from various angles like waste prevention, time savings, cost savings, energy conservation, improved coordination and better end product. We analyze the ratio between the outgoing costs and cost benefits to figure out which BIM implementation is applicable and evaluate the level of risk associated with it. This helps us modify BIM strategy and make it useful for the short, medium and long terms.

Acquisition & Incorporation of New Software within Existing Systems

Acquiring the right BIM software program is crucial for any BIM strategy. We consider various BIM software programs available online and evaluate them with regard to the software system currently used by an organization. Comparing multiple options with regard to what they are capable of and how they are compatible helps us in developing a BIM strategy prudently.

Incorporation of BIM Principles into Existing Work Procedures

We create BIM strategy combining existing workflow systems with BIM procedures. Our aim is to recognize productive components in existing systems and maintain them in the new system.

BIM Establishing Business Methodology

With every project learning is acquired by the organization and team. Channelizing these learning into a streamlined process for future adoption across organizational structure is a process which forms the core development of a business. Creating set manuals for all employees old and new to follow the practices experienced in prior projects can help in optimizing the desired outcome.

Nowadays, BIM provides real business benefit ranging from ROI calculations, qualitative progression development & enhanced construction project outcomes. Starting from application, and generation of digital models for design, construction & project operation, BIM exchanges project data and communicates ideas seamlessly among team members, facilitating collaborative and integrated design & construction approach. Pinnacle project team members rearrange conventional roles and workflow for better and quicker way of communicating ideas, reducing errors and getting better output. BIM facilitates modeling techniques, combining design, production and operations activities and team members ensure complete and correct information.

Pinnacle Infotech has created a repository of such case studies based on over 4000+ projects executed during last 10+ years. We would be able to create most effective documents for your BIM team for implementation on current and future projects. With the above methodology, there can be significant increase in efficiency and consistency achieved by any organization. Pinnacle Infotech would help in recording the existing business methodology and making upgrades on the same based on new processes to achieve best practices.

Building Data Management in BIM

Building Data Management is now fast in Revit, taking just a fraction of time. Moreover, the modeling and workflow have become fast, easy and accurate in Revit software platform. With Autodesk Revit, Pinnacle Infotech team helps to pull information from one file into Microsoft Excel, driving precise and consequential BIM data back into Revit model with speed, ease and accuracy. Several hours get saved and you can gain unprecedented access to Revit modeling data for improved workflow.


  • Accessibility, Analysis & Extraction
  • Data Editing in Revit Model
  • Best use of Revit & non-Revit users’ time
  • Complementing Features of Revit Architecture, Structure & MEP

Opt for building data management service to avoid manual errors & on-site delays and eliminate error-based re-work in Revit Model. BIM opens a safe door for collaboration between Revit & Non-Revit users, letting team members to access modeling data for efficient project management. Choose Building Data Management and improve Revit workflow by stretching project hours, saving time and money.

BIM Reality Capture

The democratization of reality capture gives the potential to change the way of design and engineer buildings.  This helps in starting design process with something already present in the real world. Pinnacle Infotech explores reality capture in Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow in architecture, engineering & construction.

3D BIM Services from Pinnacle Infotech provides Reality Capture, Modeling & Prefabricated Construction Solutions for AEC & facility management teams. Pinnacle’s 3D laser scanning and advanced reality capture technologies offer fast & accurate survey of as-built & on-site conditions with direct benefits to AEC market.

Pinnacle team delivers reality capture & point cloud models for using in BIM, compatible with all BIM design platforms. We provide point cloud files for as-built structures in multiple point cloud formats.  If clients don’t have expertise in using point cloud files, we offer a complete solution from start to finish. Scan-To-BIM delivery services are offered by us for engineers & designers.

Our dedicated team of Revit professionals works closely with clients to ensure delivery of compliant and audited BIM models. Qualified technicians conduct 3D Laser Scan to ensure that works are conducted accurately, implementing best practice standards.


  • Quick & inexpensive
  • Eliminate site measurement time wastage & multiple site visits
  • Accurate BIM establishment for consistent site dimensioning
  • Exact dimension for shop drawing delivery from 3D BIM models
  • Clearance measurement & clash detection
  • As-built recording & As- Built Modeling with high accuracy
  • Real information in single place (3D BIM Model) for decision making

BIM Standard Compliance

Maintaining BIM Standards is significant for collaboration and use of building health & safety information. PAS 1192-5 for instance specifies the need for security management of BIM as well as digital built environment.

Pinnacle specializes in 3D BIM model creation using a range of inputs including contract documents, specification sheets, design documents & equipment submittals. During the modeling, the team validates design for constructability, performance & maintenance. We follow SMACNA/IPC/UPC and local codes as applicable for projects. Our ISO certified process documents client’s standards and preference to ensure complete compliance. Starting from detailed 2D drawings, 3D parametric modeling, 4D BIM (construction scheduling) to 5D BIM (cost estimation), our modeling experts develop intelligent BIM models for construction projects.

We develop BIM workflow with level of details (LOD) – LOD 100 to LOD 500 as per COBie & IFC standards based on client requirement. We assist contractors, construction firms and individual project stakeholders to extract valuable quantity, drawing, scheduling and estimation. Our BIM consulting services are delivered to one of the largest projects in the world, enabling stakeholders to reduce time & cost expenses.

Pinnacle Infotech has partnered with global clients in levering BIM implementation from BIM Level 1, 2 to 3. Our team utilizes leading BIM tools including Revit, Navisworks and several others for projects of any scale & complexity.

BIM 3D Virtual Prototyping

Scale design-build portfolio competently using “virtual prototypes”.  Pinnacle Infotech specializing in 3D BIM services implements BIM 3D Virtual Prototypes in construction projects.  We use virtual product modeling & architectural prototypes to speed up product design and dissemination into real projects. Our detailed models are accurate and used for construction documentation for permit and drawing submissions.

Our team uses a unique process – BIM with ROI to create data model to directly align with information required in business. Information in model gets fully integrated in 3D. Interactive life-like building models helps clients to walk through view and render from any angle, including data from architectural, structural, MEP & other services.  Our modeling includes geometry, parameters, visual renderings, drawing sheet & Bill of Materials data in report and schedules. Save fortune with Pinnacle Infotech on software, computers, training & modeling time.

Design Models in BIM

We generate design models with the help of BIM. The models are imported into analytical software for simulation and analysis during conceptual design stage. Our team finds out the optimal location, shape as well as orientation of building design on the basis of environmental factors including daylight, solar access, overshadowing and visual impact by using BIM models in combination with site analysis in BIM. We also use analytical software for re-arranging rooms, size, zones, shapes and designing custom devices.

Our energy modeling & analysis help architects to get energy efficiency of designs and work toward carbon neutrality in the early stage of design. This helps architect in integrating energy efficiency into standard building design, alleviating carbon footprint of current built environment. Our architectural solutions help architects to get design communication report, which visually communicates energy and aesthetic development.

BIM Software Customization

Pinnacle’s expertise in BIM software customization helps to get the most out of tools. Our customers can enhance process by investing in custom tools automating tasks, accessing data, and gaining competitive advantage.  Using platform APIs for designing and developing add-ons, we are able to customize any aspect of BIM process.

Our Revit Automation proficiency includes:

  • Tool Development, automating routine BIM tasks
  • Customized report generation
  • Integrating Revit with database & ERP system
  • Clash detection tools
  • Routing MEP Solution
  • Integrating BIM standards in Revit
  • Custom Model review tools as per client requirement
  • Customized drafting/detailing tools
  • Architectural Detailing
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