Quantity Takeoff & Cost Estimate

Quantity take-offs are crucial for any construction project success. These are important aspects of the construction cost estimation process, which is essential to determine actual costs, to ensure that the project remains profitable to the contractor. In this process, the structural engineer’s job is to provide the owner with a profitable estimate and evaluate alternatives.

Costs Associated With Constructed Facilities

The capital costs for a construction project includes expenses related to these initial establishments

  • Land acquisition
  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Planning and feasibility studies
  • Construction, including material, equipment, and labor
  • Construction financing
  • Field Supervision of construction
  • Equipment and furnishings not included in the construction
  • Inspection and testing

Owners Need To Bear These Expenses over the Project Life Cycle

  • Labor and material for maintenance and repairs
  • Operating staff
  • Periodic renovations
  • Utilities
  • Owner’s other expenses

Quantity Take-Off For Structural Engineers

Structural work in a construction holds the maximum importance in terms of work quantity and cost. Structural cost is one of the crucial and major components of the total cost of a project. It hugely influences the overall cost so needs to be estimated accurately. Several parameters can influence the cost of the structural components

  • Grade of concrete
  • Costing of materials
  • Reinforcement steel
  • Labor and finishing, etc.

Apart from these, estimation of steel reinforcement, the quantity for concrete slab, beams, footing, and column, etc. are essential to evaluate the cost for the construction. Designs drawings are utilized to compute rebar quantity in multiple structural elements.

Effectiveness Of Model-Based Quantity Takeoff

  • Model-based quantity take-off is quick and reliable
  • Material quantification can be done in lesser time
  • Get reliable schedules and estimates for material quantity take-offs
  • Reduce the risk of incorrect quantities which is more common in the manual estimation

With BIM models, you can generate quality information to be confident about your numbers and bid. The workflow will be hugely benefitted from consistent and up-to-date construction-ready quantities.

Precise models allow structural engineers to visualize data and produce on-demand reports for rebar, concrete, embeds and formwork with precise information complete with material and logistics attributes.

Pinnacle Can Help In Quantification by Accurate Model-Based Estimation

Implementation of BIM 4D and 5D helps in planning, scheduling and cost management. Our model-based estimation for construction project planning and coordination helps all stakeholders to improve productivity and perform constructability analysis. Our model-based estimation assists in planning, preparing and updating construction project schedules.

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