Drawing Set Creation/Construction Documents (CD Sets)

Our construction drawings offer an indicative representation of a building with a sequential account of each stage of construction like elevations, reflected ceiling plans, floor plans, and other details. We use construction drawings or as-built drawings to domestic and commercial works like repairs or new structure additions and our clients acknowledge the adjustable and need-based solutions we produce. Our 2D construction drawings created from 3D models support to develop building plan estimate and analysis. Pinnacle offers parts, assembly and DXF drawings for composite steel, wooden and concrete structures from 3D models.

Our Construction Drawings serve the following areas:

cd set drawings

We generate and deliver the following drawings from 3D BIM Model:

  • Rebar/Post Tension Detailing
  • Concrete Structure Drawings
  • Steel Structure Drawings
  • Wood Structure Drawings
  • Sections, Details & Elevations
  • Schedule – Column, Beam, Slab

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