3D Modeling For Structural Engineers

BIM & 3D Modelling

BIM includes the production and use of a coordinated 3D model by connecting it to intelligent databases for a building project. Improvements in 3D technology and the arrival of Building Information Modeling (BIM) have transformed the Structural Engineering firms. This technology, when implemented to the Structural Engineering firm facilitates flawless collaboration, allowing quick decision making, crucial construction documents, and better construction.

BIM 3D Modelling from Pinnacle

We generate precise 3D Models for Wood, Steel & Concrete from an authorized set of Structural Drawings. Our BIM solutions are efficiently used for structural design, detailing and prefabrication. Working in a BIM environment assists us to quickly manage complicated structural design projects, including wood framing and modeling. BIM method has assisted us to create several reports for improving production.

Pinnacle offers 3D BIM Modeling for the following structures:

3d modeling for structural engineers

Pinnacle offers 3D BIM Modeling for the following structures:

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