Electrical Coordination & Clash Resolution

We provide complete BIM Coordination and Clash Detection services that imparts the necessary information required to identify and resolve interferences between various building systems.

A well-coordinated BIM model prevents disruption of work during the construction stage by promoting efficiency and reducing wastages. Resolving the clashes at the preconstruction stage results into substantial savings and speeds up the project execution.

The 3D Models for individual components are drawn to the scale and placed exactly to verify the availability of space allocated for that particular service. This highlights any interferences with other services. A Coordinated BIM model is then generated after clashes among all trades (Architecture, Structure, Concrete, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection) have been resolved.

Coordination meetings are executed through online collaboration platforms (GoToMeeting/WebEx). Snapshots of the clashes in 3D representation are also shared along with a proposed solution often involving re-routing of utilities, varying the elevations or re-sizing.