2D Drawings (Conduit Spools, Sleeves, Power, Lighting)

Pinnacle acknowledges the fact that standards required for construction drawings/layouts can vary for each unique project. We deliver 2D drawings exclusively as per client’s prescribed standards and requirements which are ascertained during the project kick-off meeting.

Shop Drawings are dynamically generated from the 3D Model. Any changes to the model will automatically be reflected within the shop drawings.

Standard 2D Deliverables include:

  • Power layout and shop drawing
  • Lighting layout and shop drawings
  • Sleeve Drawings
  • Conduit Spool and Prefabrication drawings
  • Data cable and Fire Alarm drawings

Few of the typical inclusions in our Electrical Drawings:

  • Tags and legends of equipment for easy identification and traceability
  • Ratings and dimensions in accordance to the submittals
  • Network loops and circuit reference
  • Location with reference to nearest gridlines
  • Mounting heights as per the applicable code
  • Marking Elevation of services (up/down) as applicable
  • Access clearance in line with the required code
  • Mounting height of wiring accessories (switches, sockets, etc.)
  • Complete schedule of cables in the containment layouts