Electrical Design Development and Validation

Pinnacle can assist with the electrical design development, scheduling and calculations as per the applicable Electrical Codes.  Existing designs can also be validated in ETAP, Revit and other third-party software.

Load Analysis
Assistance with correctly sized loads for all CII applications with reference to NEC Codes

Short Circuit Analysis
Short Circuit Study Reports and One Line Diagrams using ETAP or other third-party software for determining fault current and comparing against manufacturers’ short circuit ratings

Detailed and descriptive Scheduling of Panels, Lighting, Small Power in Revit or custom formats

Ascertaining sizes of Cables, Cable Tray Filling Ratio, Conduits, Breakers, Panels, Transformers as per the NEC standards

Voltage Drop
Determining the required wire size to adjust with the specific voltage drop limits and voltage drop for a specific conductor run

Illumination Calculation
Usually generated through Dialux or Visual to meet the required lighting needs

Energy Analysis
Optimizing energy utilization for Green Building Certification

Control Design
Layout and Cut Sheets for Day Lighting, Photocell, Occupancy Sensors

Fire Alarm Layout
Designing fire alarm system in accordance to the NFPA and other applicable standards

Risers and Single Line Diagrams
Simplified and symbolic representation of complex electrical systems and the required components