3D Modelling and Constructability Review

Engineering drawings of large-scale construction cannot be equally comprehended and interpreted by all stake holders. This often leads to rework, time loss and wastage of valuable resources. 3D collaboration is considered the most effective way to bring all Contractors, Designers and Architects to the same platform. We develop electrical models with the desired levels of detailing as required by the contract ranging from LOD 200 to LOD500.

Our 3D Modelling Services

  • Creating 3D models of Lighting Fixtures, MCC, Panels, DBs, transformers, etc. out of the approved submittals
  • Modelling of electrical containments and running services (cable trays, trunk, bus duct, raceways)
  • BIM Model Rendering with Lights
  • Electrical BIM Model Walkthrough in Navisworks

Input Documentation

We can create 3D representations of individual systems and complete buildings from a various range of inputs. Some of the formats include pdf, *dwg, *dgn, Revit, hand sketches, etc.

Constructability Review

Virtual Construction of a project allows independent and focused review of the constructability issues. We present RFIs with discrepancies and possible solutions during the modelling stage. This brings out the discrepancies in drawings and highlights areas with inadequate information. Constructability review ensures:

  • Adequacy of space for installation, operation and maintenance of equipment
  • Adherence to codes for bend radius, cable heights as applicable
  • Clearance between HV and ELV services
  • Exact placement of items with Critical Dimensions


  • Complete Visualization
  • Error free installations
  • Reduced rework
  • Minimized wastage
  • Eliminate work stoppages
  • Better Change order management