Concrete Lift Drawings Formwork & Reinforcement Shop Drawings

Our accurate concrete lift drawings from 3D Model adheres to AISC & ASCE standards to show general arrangement & detailing for the structure. The shop drawings are generated automatically from 3D model after their dimensions get approved and are detailed enough for on-site precast.

Our concrete lift drawings provide detailed information about the following cast in place & precast concrete components:

Cast in Place Concrete Components- Deep Foundation (Pile), Shallow Foundation, Pipe Cap, Equipment Pad, Ramp, Stair, Embeds, Construction Joints, Openings, Grade Beam, Slab on Grade, Elevator Shaft, Column, Curb, Beam, Floor Slab, Metal Deck, Concrete Wall, Retaining Wall, Parapet Wall, Concrete dead man, Reinforcement

Precast Concrete Components – Tilt-up Wall Panel, Hollow Core Slab, Joist, Beam, Corbel, Stair, Connection Details, Embeds, Reinforcement

We offer the following Concrete Lift Drawings:

Lift Drawings for Foundation – Foundation drawing are provided using assigned foundation layout, general detail and title blocks. Our foundation lift drawings include foundation wall, foundation layouts, footing, piles, pile cap and foundation detail drawings.

We create profiles using BIM to produce a detailed view of each foundation with dimensions and reinforcement. A generic footing is finally drawn to meet the exact dimensions.

Lift Drawings for Walls & Columns – Single, Longitudinal & Cross Sectional Column Shop Drawings are created for anchor bolt, erection and other details with Bills of Material.

Lift Drawings for Lintels – Lift Drawings for Precast Structural Lintels are produced to support bricks, stones and similar other materials for facing material spanning from the level of one floor to the next.

We pre-assemble Structural lintels at an outside location like an assembly shop. All our shop drawings for lintels are created in a 3D perspective, focusing on the customer’s understanding of the full product appearance.

Lift Drawings for CMU and Wall Partition – We render Stamped Lift Drawings including ceiling, wall partitions, interior partition, wall braces and lots more stuff.

Our lift drawings include partitions for perimeter, bathroom, wall, and wood axis (precutting), slide and stud wall.

Shop Drawings for Reinforcement – Pinnacle has a veteran team of engineers in this field with expertise in many international projects.

We provide 2D Detail Shop Drawings for Rebar/Reinforcement including detail BBS (Bar Bending Schedule).