3D Modeling – Cast in Place (CIP), Precast Concrete & Reinforcement

We provide an accurate, detailed and constructible parametric modeling for component-oriented concrete design and plan. Our Integrated BIM Model addresses the modeling and documentation of concrete structures effectively.

We create all lift/shop drawings for casting and streamline the entire process from bidding, cost estimation to detailing and field construction, resulting in increased productivity through 3D modeling. Through BIM usage, we enhance Dynamic Rebar detailing & shop drawings and create ‘intelligent’ rebar objects for incorporation in Revit Structure 3-D models.

Since BIM can easily combine pre-cast concrete with other building materials like steel and reinforced concrete, we promote efficient project management & error-free collaboration throughout the entire building value chain.

Structural elements of concrete construction industry that are modeled in BIM include concrete walls, beams, columns, joists, slabs, precast tilt up panels, footings, foundations, stairs, piles, construction joints, rebar, embeds, shoring, elevation shaft & topping slab.