SFO Cargo Buildings 900 and 944

  • Location:  San Francisco, California, USA
  • Execution Year:  2018

3D_BIM_Model_SFO Cargo Buildings_Pinnacle_Infotech
BIM_Structural_SFO Cargo Buildings_Pinnacle_Infotech
Concrete_BIM_SFO Cargo Buildings_Pinnacle_Infotech
Structural_BIM_SFO Cargo Buildings_Pinnacle_Infotech

Cargo Buildings 900 and 944 are a part of San Francisco International Airport located in CA, USA. The purpose of construction is upgrading both Cargo facilities for extension, meeting the requirements of latest building codes, accessibility standards, sustainability requirements and Airport design for future Cargo tenants. The purpose of using BIM is building renovation with 1 floor. BIM is used at the design development stage.

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Key Facts

  • Approx. 70,000 sq ft

    Project Area
  • 300

  • 2 Engineers

    Team Size