Queens Quay

  • Location:  Bristol, UK
  • Execution Year:  January, 2017

Brief Info

innacle created the Architectural 3D BIM Pmodels for renovation, including the exterior
façade of the buildings and Structural 3D models including footings/ foundation, columns,
beams, slabs & structural walls of Queens Quay. We created 2 different phases including the existing
and proposed, showing construction development from existing to proposed condition. We were
responsible for site modeling including the grading with basic landscaping, roads, parking and road
curbs. Our 4D phasing animation depicted the sequence of construction as per construction
schedule/program. The animation showed the building development with the movements of
logistics i.e. cranes, dumpers & car.

for further info please open project profile PDF

Key Facts

  • 81,375 Sq ft

    Project Area
  • 200

  • 7 Engineers

    Team Size