New Oakville Hospital

  • Location:  Oakville, Ontario, USA
  • Execution Year:  November, 2012

Brief Info

The new Oakville Hospital will take healthcare in Oakville to a new level. Situated on a 50-acre site, located at Third Line on Dundas Street, the new Hospital will be more than double the current size of the current facility to meet the urgent needs.
The new hospital will:
1. Provide patient and family-centered care in a warm, friendly atmosphere
2. Offer 80% single rooms for privacy and infection control standards
3. Be equipped with the latest technology 4. Offer new and expanded services, like cancer care and diagnostic imaging
5. Be on the leading edge of design and environmental sustain ability
6. Set a benchmark for healthcare services in a community hospital

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Key Facts

  • 88,317 Sq.Ft.

    Project Area
  • 8 Engineers

    Team Size