Honeyborne Place

  • Location:  Bristol, UK
  • Execution Year:  April, 2017
3d_visualization_Honeyborne Place
bim_coordination_Honeyborne Place
structural_Honeyborne Place
mep_Honeyborne Place

Brief Info

Pinnacle created 3D BIM model of Architectural, MEP & Site & Site Logistics for a Bid Presentation of Honeyborne Place, (construction of a new building) comprising of 6 floors spread over 43,000 sq. ft. Architectural Modeling included exterior façade of the building, interior shell and core, MEP Service Modeling included the major ducts, pipes and equipment with electrical cable trays and fixtures and the Site modeling included the grading with basic landscaping, roads, parking and road curbs. We were also responsible for making the 4D phasing animation depicting the sequence of construction per construction schedule/program. Our animation showed the building
evelopment step by step showing different construction stages/site activities i.e. excavation, foundation, steel erection, RC work and facade works, door and window installation including MEP installation. Edge protection was also shown in the presentation. Site logistics was another part in the project for locating material storage, contractor offices, wastage sorting
area and vehicle access routes. Google earth was used in this project to show the typology of surroundings.

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Key Facts

  • 3,994 sq m

    Project Area
  • 200

  • 6 Engineers

    Team Size