George Washinton Carver High School

  • Location:  New Orleans, Lousiana, USA
  • Execution Year:  June, 2015
bim_model_Georrge Washinton Carver High School

Brief Info

George Washington Carver High School consists of two separate buildings, a two-story Academic Building and a two-story Convocation Center Building. The two buildings will have a connecting corridor. The Academic Building is in the shape of an “H”. The structure evinces elements of the International Style in its horizontality, simple streamlined design, flat roofs, and ribbons of steel casement windows. The school is a brick structure of multiple levels to match the topography, which slopes downhill from south to north.

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Key Facts

  • 223,680 Sq.Ft.

    Project Area
  • 400

  • 7 Engineers

    Team Size