Florence Judicial Center

  • Location:  Florence, South Carolina, USA
  • Execution Year:  September, 2016

Brief Info

Pinnacle created the 3D BIM Models of Florence Judicial Center for Rivers Plumbing & Electric at LOD 300, comprising of 1 Building with 4 Floors (First, Second, Third & Roof) (1 Zone) at 300. These models were used to produce shop drawing for construction and to meet various objectives of the project viz. 3D coordination, clash mitigation, quantity take-offs, visualization. The BIM models of the Judicial Center were divided into separate levels for efficient working and coordination of various trades by concentrating on particular location of the building. Moreover, the breakups were necessary to reduce the file size to handle and deliver files smoothly, avoiding technical glitches. Stevens & Wilkinson, in association with Justice Planning Associates and Goforth-Brown & Associates, was selected to design the new Florence County Judicial Center. Located directly across the street from the existing County Administration Building, the proposed building program will feature seven courtrooms and a large jury assembly area. The spacious entry plaza and landscaped courtyard, reminiscent of a historic courthouse square, will welcome workers and visitors as they enter the facility. Special consideration will be given to separate public traffic from a more restricted security zone, while a judges parking area will be separated from the general public. The three-story structure will delineate the different functions of the county’s court system and various support areas will be easily expanded to accommodate two additional courtrooms.

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Key Facts

  • 118,369 Sq ft

    Project Area
  • 300

  • 3 Engineers

    Team Size