Boston Children Hospital

  • Location:  Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Execution Year:  2017

3D_Structural_BIM_Boston Children Hospital_Pinnacle_Infotech
Structural_BIM_Boston Children Hospital_Pinnacle_Infotech

Boston Children’s Hospital is a 395-licensed-bed children’s hospital in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area of Boston, Massachusetts. At 300 Longwood Avenue, Children’s is adjacent both to teaching affiliate, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The purpose of using BIM is for renovating the BCH Existing Buildings consisting of 10 floors on 275,000 sq. ft. Six Buildings were divided into 21 Phases with 56 Levels.

The levels considered for this project included:

1. Main – Main 1985 Original (3rd & 4th floors), Main 1989 MRI Addition (Roof Plan – Future Third Floor Plan), Main 1993 OR Rad Addition (Third Floor and Fourth Floor Framing Plan), Main 1998 OR Expansion (Partial Plan – Third and Fourth Floor Framing)

2. CBE – CBE (Third, Fourth, Tenth and Eleventh Floor Framing Plans)

3. Fegan – Fegan 1964 Plaza – Fegan 1965 Tower – Basement Level Plaza, Plaza Level 2 & 3, Kitchen Area Plan Fegan 1999 Cafeteria Reno –

4. Pavilion – Pavilion 1972 Original – Basement, Plaza Level, Second Floor, Third
Floor & Low Roof and High Roof Framing Plans, Pavilion 1972 Vault – Transformer Vault Foundation Plan and Roof Slab Plan, Pavilion 1978 Vert. Expansion – Existing Roof & Transfer Truss Area Plan, Surgical ICU Floor Framing Plan, Medical ICU Floor Framing Plan and Roof & Penthouse Framing, Pavilion 1991 Infill – Pavilion 1994 Lower Level Plan, Upper level Framing Plan,
Mechanical Penthouse & Floor and Roof Plans

5. Farley – CHB Farley Binder 1953 Original – Basement, First, Second, Third, Fourth & Sixth Floor Framing Plans, Roof & Floor CHB Farley Binder 1962 – Framing Plans, Foundation Plan & Plan at EL 37′-3″, CHB Farley Binder 1985 – CHB Farley Binder 1992 – CHB Farley Part Plan – Farley Building 4th Floor, Binder 1999 – Kitchen Area Plan, New Elevator Part Plans

6. Bader – Bader Connector – Foundation Plan, First Floor, Second Floor, Fourth Floor and Framing Plans and Bader West – Basement Framing & Foundation Plan, First Floor Framing Plan, Second Floor Framing and Fourth Floor Framing

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Key Facts

  • 275,000 sq ft

    Project Area
  • 350

  • 4 Engineers

    Team Size