Ballyshannon Middle School

  • Location:  Union, Kentucky, United States
  • Execution Year:  August, 2017
3d_bim_model_Ballyshannon Middle School
main_level_section_Ballyshannon Middle School
mechanical_piping_floor_plan_Ballyshannon Middle School

Brief Info

Ballyshannon – a new middle school in Union’s BBallyshannon subdivision, is on the way to become a reality for Boone County Schools.
School board members during May 2014 meeting approved the project application form for the proposed school which is expected to cost over $27 million. The educational project consisted of 1 Building with 2 floors and a roof located at Shamrock Avenue, Union, KY spread over a project area of 90,650 sq. ft.

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Key Facts

  • 90,650 Sq.Ft.

    Project Area
  • 400

  • 4 Engineers

    Team Size