Al Baraha Complex

  • Location:  Barwa, Qatar
  • Execution Year:  February, 2013

Brief Info

Pinnacle undertook the modeling and clash coordination of Al Baraha – a residential and commercial complex at Barwa, Qatar. Measuring approximately 1.8 million square meters, Barwa Al Baraha development is designed to serve as an integrated workers’ city for accommodating 53,000 workers and employees, making it the GCC’s largest workers’ accommodation. The project is developed in two phases. Phase one focuses on establishing Qatar’s largest truck and vehicle parking space, while phase two is aimed at providing worker and staff accommodation, pre-owned car show rooms, auctions, workshops and stores for truck and machinery maintenance services. Facilities of the mixed use project include a hotel, entertainment center, mall, laundry, health center, mosque, Islamic center, police station, civil defense center, fire-control center, sports facilities, shops, restaurants and offices.

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Key Facts

  • 141,548 Sq.M.

    Project Area
  • 12

    Team Size