Wg Cdr. Soban Singh Bisht

Wg Cdr. Soban Singh Bisht

Associate Vice President | Global HR and Admin


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Wg Cdr. Soban Singh Bisht

Mr. Soban Singh Bisht has 30+ years of experience in Human Resource practice. He is the Head HR & Administration and the Chief architect for team building and people management of Pinnacle Infotech. In his last assignment, he was associated with Yatra.com and has also worked with Imperative Group as Director.

Previously, he managed a team of 2000 travel sales professionals at Yatra.com and is playing a crucial role to ensure that the human resource need of Pinnacle meets the challenges and opportunities of a dynamic industry.

Soban Bisht is passionate about enabling Pinnacle’s best practices and expertise in service delivery, while driving a continuous improvement towards culture and mindset. Under his guidance, Pinnacle has refined its corporate sustainability program to focus on health awareness.

He has retired as Wing Commander from Indian Air Force. Mr. Bisht hails from Delhi and completed his Masters in Science from Kumaun University in 1979. He is a member of FMLA and INFHRA. He is proud of having created long lasting relationships throughout the IT/TES industry with HR and FM professionals across India.