Our Key Resources


Pinnacle owns a 380,000 sq ft campus in Durgapur – one of the largest industrial cities in India. The campus with refreshing landscape has a unique appeal to the employees that helps them boost their personal and professional development. It has a number of facilities like state-of-the-art production center, cafeteria, well-equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, sports and entertainment (Tennis & Badminton court, cricket and football playground, chess camp, banquet hall and amphitheatre), staff accommodation (hostel & residential apartment), library and temple. The vibrant work atmosphere provides an edge over competitors to attract the best talent in the industry.

Pinnacle’s Construct-ability Installation Lab, spread across more than 2000 sq ft gives construction site experience to employees, integrating theoretical learning with practical experience.


Pinnacle’s Production Center has the capability to support 800+ employees working in a single shift. It has conference rooms with modern technologies. Constant internet support makes job easier and ensures greater connectivity with clients. Our work stations are equipped with the latest computer models and servers have proper back-up system to support in crisis. Moreover, 99.99% data and voice network help us to make clear client communication.


Information security is implemented through deployment of robust UTM box Fortigate 240D at the perimeter along with Anti-Virus, Anti-spam devices and anti-intrusion systems. Pinnacle’s access control system monitors both the campus and operation buildings. The process is essential for effective protection of client information and data. Employees receive secure key cards after a detailed scrutiny of their backgrounds. A host of CCTV cameras keep vigilance on every individual, crossing the main entrance. Our security guards are competent enough to tackle any dire situation.


The city of Durgapur has its own back-up power system, providing the campus with a reliable and continuous power supply. In case of any major fault in the power supply system, the company’s own back-up system and generators are ready to support uninterrupted service. We have an 11 KVA power supply and ample DG support of 100 KVA. A number of heavy duty (20 KV) UPS systems are on the standby to provide filtered power to all nodes.