BIM & Digital Construction Forum 2018 was held on 20th & 22nd of March 2018, at the St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate, St. Pauls, London EC1A 4HD and The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3WS respectively. This exclusive event was organized by Pinnacle Infotech in collaboration with Autodesk.

Industry experts and thought leaders from Autodesk and leading construction companies shared their experience and knowledge about the key trends in digital construction driving the change in the UK construction industry.

Informal networking over drinks and refreshment was scheduled in the evening after 5.00 pm.


The construction industry is witnessing disrupting technologies & work processes, and the event highlighted ways to gain from the new technologies being used to better connect design and construction.

  • Integrated BIM & Collaboration
  • BIM technologies to be used from design to modular construction & fabrication
  • BIM & Digital Construction Case Studies
  • BIM Usage in UK Construction Projects
  • Laser Scan to BIM
  • Using BIM to create 4D Project Sequencefor Bids and Project Management

The industry experts discussed on these latest technology and process to get ROI from BIM & digital construction.  The forum also provided a great opportunity for social interaction and networking among participants!



“It was very eye-opening about how the construction industry is still so traditional and all the possibilities that are already on the market to change that and make the buildings much more efficient on different aspects.” – Cris Mouro, London, ENGiE

“It’s always encouraging to get together with likeminded people. And it re-ignites our enthusiasm to hear about new innovations that are happening/are in the pipeline. It will be good to go back in the office with some actual data as well. A reminder of what my job should be about.” – Kirsty Childs, WYG, Manchester


The participants of the BIM & Digital Construction Forum 2018 were also requested to participate in a survey, which was primarily intended to get a better perception of the present mindset of the construction industry in UK. We have received some interesting responses, and the entire report has been displayed here for your consideration.