Drawing Set Creation/Construction Documents (CD Sets)

Our construction drawings provide expressive representation of a building with a chronological description of each phase of construction like floor plans, elevations, reflected ceiling planes and other details. We apply construction drawings or as-built drawings to residential and commercial works like renovations or new structure additions and our clients appreciate the flexible and customizable solutions we create. Our 2-dimensional construction drawings produced from 3d models help to make building plan estimate and review. Pinnacle produces parts, assembly and DXF drawings for complex wooden structures from 3D models.

  • 2D Drafting & Detailing
  • Portable Structures
  • As-Built Construction

We generate and deliver the following drawings from 3D BIM Model:

  • Rebar/Post Tension Detailing
  • Concrete Structure Drawings
  • Steel Structure Drawings
  • Wood Structure Drawings
  • Sections, Details & Elevations
  • Schedule – Column, Beam, Slab