Design Engineering & Validation

Our engineering team builds intelligent BIM model to design complex building systems with greater efficiency. This gives all stakeholders a clear idea of design intent enabling them to modify the design to achieve the outcome they want, thus minimizing risk of costly changes later. We follow SMACNA, ASHRAE, IPC and other appropriate standards for design work process. Different design options are simulated and analyzed to develop more efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our design analysis includes:

Design Development for Mechanical Ducting: 

  • Load Analysis & CFM Calculations
  • Sizing Ducts & Terminals
  • Air Balancing, ESP Calculation and Pressure Loss Reports
  • Designing Equipment Capacities
  • Optimize Duct Routing
  • Damper Selection & Placements
  • Piping, Sizing & Layouts

Design Development for Plumbing:

  • Assigning Fixture Units
  • Layout Generation & Pipe Flow Calculations
  • Pipe Sizing & Pressure Drop Calculations
  • Designing Drainage, Rain Water & Storm Drain
  • Pump Head Calculation & Pump Selection

Design Development for Fire Fighting

  • Sprinkler Design & Layouts
  • Designing the pipes as per pipe schedule recommended by NFPA
  • Checking the obstructions to sprinkler spray pattern & providing adequate sprinklers below/near the obstructions as per NFPA
  • Providing flushing valve & auto air release valves as per NFPA

Design Development for Electrical

Lighting and Small Power:

  • Power & Lighting Circuit
  • Ensuring Lighting Illumination as per specification
  • Voltage Drop Calculation & Cable Sizing
  • Load Balancing & Calculation
  • DB & Panel Schedule
  • Providing Wire & Conduit Sizes
  • Providing Earth Fault Loop Impedance for each circuit
  • Energy Analysis Layouts

Cable Tray Routes (MV & LV):

  • Providing Accumulative Voltage drop calculations
  • Providing Cable tray sizes & routes
  • Electrical Single Line Diagram Creation
  • Providing Short Circuit Current Calculation

Firm Alarm:

  • System Connection & Equipment/Fixture Schedule
  • Layout & Looping Fire Alarm Speakers
  • Providing Control Modules for Fans, Motorized Dampers & Pumps
  • Providing Monitor Module for FHC & HRFHC