Electrical Shop Drawings

Pinnacle acknowledges that the shop drawings are created based on client’s standards for material ordering, fabrication and installation. Our shop drawings are used to pre-fabricate electric assemblies, cable trays, conduit and other elements. We ensure that the drawings contain the following information:

  • Tags and legends of equipment for easy identification and traceability
  • Rating and dimension as per approved submittals
  • Network loops and circuit reference
  • Location with reference to nearest grid lines
  • Mounting heights as per code
  • Elevation of services with UP and DOWN mark wherever applicable
  • Access clearance in line with code
  • Support type and fixing details, expansion joints
  • Details like schedules of materials, sections at critical areas, enlarged views
  • BW sleeve details

Shop Drawings are dynamically generated from REVIT models and any change in the model is reflected in the shop drawings automatically. Our lighting & power circuit drawings show details like pull boxes, hatches on the single line (showing the number of wires) and mounting height of wiring accessories (switches, sockets). Containment drawings show the complete schedule of cables in the containment (tray/trunk). Builder Work drawings generated from the coordinated model contain the opening and sleeve details and composite service drawings (CSD) help to view all services in a single drawing.

Our Shop Drawings for Electrical Projects include:

  • Lighting layouts showing different Fixtures, Egress, Emergency Lighting & Occupancy Sensors
  • Power Layout Plans showing Receptacle or JB for Refrigerators, Microwaves, Freezers, Ice Machines, Cabinet Heaters & Coffee Machines
  • Luminaries, Power Equipment and Device counts
  • Termination Diagrams and Control Circuits
  • Panel Schedules and Material Lists
  • Electrical Schematics, Power and Lighting Plans
  • Electrical Schedules & Site Plans
  • Underground Utility Services
  • Conduit Layout Drawings
  • Wiring Diagrams using Revit
  • Tray &Trunking Layout
  • Cable Routing & Containment Layout
  • Lightning Protection and Earthing Layout
  • Structured Cabling & Fire Alarm drawings
Electrical Penetration Drawings

Penetration Drawings are required by the contractors to create wall openings before the installation of electrical cable trays and conduits. These drawings are developed from the coordinated Electrical model. All necessary views are shown in Penetration Drawings with proper clearance so that they are easily comprehensible on construction site.

Construction Documents/Drawings

Construction documents are generated automatically from our models. Our BIM Models represent the most comprehensive electronic drawings, depicting each component in a circuit with technical information and show how the component is wired into the circuit. The detailed drawings provide the most detailed information about a circuit to our clients and simultaneously help us get the right information for troubleshooting electrical circuits.

We provide fixture, conduit locations and tray layouts with reference to the architectural walls that help our contractors to easily locate the electrical members. Our construction documents contain comprehensive drawings that provide sequential data about every step of construction process and offer relevant information to all the involved parties like the builders, contractors and many others. We also offer specialized construction documentation services like coordinated drawings that integrate mechanical, electrical, architectural and structural drawings – all in one set.