3D Electrical Modeling with Constructability Review/Analysis

Engineering drawings of a large complex construction cannot be equally comprehended and interpreted by all stake holders. This leads to rework in construction and wastage of time and resource. 3D collaboration is the most efficient way to bring all contractors, designers and architects on the same platform. Pinnacle specializes in the virtual construction of 3D BIM electrical models of conduits, cable trays, lighting fixtures, MCCs, Panels, DBs and other electrical equipment based on the contract drawings, manufacturer’s catalogue and client standards. We create electrical models with various levels of detailing as required by the contract (LOD 200 to 500).

Our Electrical Modeling Service Offerings:

  • Creation of 3D models of Lighting Fixtures, MCC, Panels, DBs, transformers, etc. out of the approved submittals and incorporation of the same in overall 3D view
  • 3D model creation of containment (cable trays, trunk, bus duct, raceways)
  • BIM Model Rendering with Lights
  • Electrical BIM Model Walkthrough using Navisworks
  • Electrical Constructability Review using clash detection facility of Revit

BIM modeling allows our electrical contractors to get the following benefits:

  • A visual tool for managers, field personnel & other stake holders
  • 3D perspective view before the commencement of construction leads to better understanding of the project
  • Highest level of MEP coordination ensures fast and error free construction and reduces field generated change orders and rework
  • Eliminate installation disruptions and work stoppages
  • Changes in the model are cascaded swiftly into the shop drawings

Input Documentation – We are adept at using various inputs to create 3D representations of individual systems and complete buildings. Some of the input formats include pdf, *dwg, *dgn, Revit, hand sketches, etc.

Conduit & Bus Bar Modeling and Fabrication

We create virtual model of conduits arranged in a rack system based on detailed shop drawings and installation information. Optimization of conduit layout reduces time, site conflict, cost, rework & wastage of materials, thus increasing project efficiency.

Electrical Fixture and Equipment Modeling

We create lighting fixture models up to 5D from the manufacturer’s 2D drawings and specifications. Moreover, we provide accurately modeled electrical equipment and fixtures.

Constructability Analysis

Virtual Construction of a project in BIM enables independent review of the constructability issues. Discrepancies in drawings and inadequate information are highlighted at preconstruction stage through RFIs, accompanied with proposed solutions. Constructability issues reviewed by our electrical modelers include:

  • Adequacy of space for installation, operation and maintenance (panels, trays, trunks)
  • Optimum use of fittings (containments)
  • Use of bend radius as per codes (cable, conduits)
  • Mounting heights as per codes (wiring accessories)
  • Clearance between services (between ELV and HV services)
  • Locating electrical items in proper place (avoid switches and sockets in toilets)