Digital Prefabrication

Pinnacle provides Digital Prefabrication and helps clients get real-time examination of every system, making up the final project. We produce fabrication drawings from the BIM model for accurate off-site/on-site pre-fabrication. Our segmented spool drawings and spool maps are generated as per the standards and preference of our contractors. Our digital pre-fabrication helps our clients to improve quality, handle materials and reduce cost significantly.

Moreover, by combining prefabrication with BIM, the prefabricators can partake in the design process from the beginning of the project and thus can save time. Our BIM models help to avail all prefabricated components in digital format to be used in the design, offsite construction and maintenance processes. The core database of BIM coordinates different agents involved in the process like the engineers, architects, designers and suppliers. We include all geometric info about the various parts of the buildings and introduce cost, resistance and thermal values. Our design coordination and walk-through animation cater the diverse sectors involved in the construction development.