Content Development

Pinnacle assists architects to transform 2D drafting and drawings to BIM base work process and provides the following for Content Development:

  • Drawing and/or Revit Template files
  • Standard Details/Callouts
  • Revit Families
  • BIM Consulting & Training
  • Revit Families contain all relevant information about technical specification including product manufacturer, Omni Class Code, Title & Subcategories that help clients to identify the required component easily.

    Instances of Revit Families done by us include:

    • Cabinet and Drawer
    • Fixture & Furniture
    • Chairs & Seats
    • Doors & Windows
    • Specialty Equipment
    • Mechanical Families
    • Stairs & Railing
    • Care Cart and Desk
    • Caseworks, Sheets & Watches
    • Interior Decoration Accessories
    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Mechanical Equipments
    • Electrical Fixtures
    • Structural Components (Column, Beam, etc)