Silvery Towers


  • Location:  San Jose, California, USA
  • Execution Year:  March, 2016

Brief Info

Pinnacle created the 3D Models of the 2 Towers ( East Tower with 22 stories and the West Tower with 20 stories) – a mixed used residential construction with a total of 640 units including parking, kitchen, living room (3rd floor and above) to be constructed on a 1.91 acre site. The two towers will be post tensioned concrete structures, the exterior of which will be clad with a unitized curtain wall and window wall system. Moreover, the operable awning windows, juliet style balconies and sliding doors will be integral to the system and the Exterior balconies will have glass guardrails to allow maximum views. The parking garage is set below and between the towers with parking levels starting at 3 levels below grade and extending up to 2 levels above grade. Amenities of the buildings include a third floor common outdoor terrace with pool, jacuzzis,pool pavilion, fitness room and shared kitchen area. Retail will be located at level 1 and at a stand-alone retail pavilion starting at 1 level below grade, which is to be extended up to 2 levels above grade.

for further info please download project profile PDF

Key Facts

  • 117,000 (Total area of 2 towers)

    Project Area
  • 400

  • 8 Engineers

    Team Size